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Add a Tesla Powerwall or solar battery to your property and further reduce your electricity bills. Power your home day & night with excess solar energy or cheap, off-peak electricity.

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Pair a Powerwall with solar to use solar energy at night or keep your power on during blackouts

One Power Solar is trusted by thousands of Australian property owners to install custom solar systems and battery storage solutions for households and businesses of all sizes.
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"...Powerwall will, if depleted, charge itself from the grid using off-peak power — the cheapest possible available — and will check weather forecasts to determine how much power is needed to tide the house over until solar generates enough energy to get up to speed again. Luna says the system saves his family around $2,500 per year."
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"...He (Nick) gets an average of $120.36 a quarter selling power back to the grid. Since installing the system his energy export has saved him a total of $1925.76 off his bills."
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"The reason the Powerwall garnered so much attention was because it was really the first storage unit to offer a simple, all-in-one storage solution. Unlike most solar batteries, the Tesla Powerwall had an in-built inverter and no moving parts, meaning you never had to service it."
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"For the past 4 years, the Pfitzner household has seen a drop in their average quarterly price of power by 92% to just $45.16 per quarter. Some quarterly bills have seen the Pfitzner family pay just $19.47 to power their entire home for the entire three month period."
Jason Cartwright
Tech Expert,

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