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One Power can use your recent power bills and property data (with your permission) to put together a custom solar system that saves you money. This means you can move forward through the process with confidence and get the solar system performance you need.

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A custom solar system could save your family thousands.
Glenys Gray
One Power Commercial Customer

B&B more than halves their first power bill since going solar

Ms Gray had the system installed by One Power Solar, who advised her on the right set-up for her power needs as well as up to four guests on weekends.“ I answered a Facebook ad and One Power sales representative Adrian Green was so helpful, I didn’t bother to get another quote,” she says.

Fratelli Roma
One Power Commercial Customer

A tricky commercial install on a restaurant in a heritage conservation area

Power is a really large cost and one that gets to the point where you can’t really minimise it much more. It was an investment in the future of our business and allows us to promote ourselves as a greener establishment.

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