About Us

One Power Solar & Electrical is a family-run, Australian solar company specialising in solar panels, custom solar systems, battery storage, and high-performance solar panel installations.

We're on a mission to make solar simple in Australia

Our vision is to build Australia's best solar company so we can help as many people as possible reduce their power bills.

Our directors named in Australia's Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs.

Business News Australia listed our two directors, James Strathdee and Sean Barry, in the Top 100 Young Entrepreneurs in Australia.

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Your top 10 Solar Questions, answered by a licensed electrician.

Our technical director who holds over a decade of experience as a licensed electrician and solar expert answers your top 10 solar questions.

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Our approach to solar

We offer solar installation services to help generate, store, and USE your own solar power. Contact us today to ask us about our full range of solar services and products.
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Own your power

In just a few years, your solar system can pay for itself, offering significant savings year after year for over 25 years. And with amazing financing for solar options, solar rebates, and potential tax benefits, you can often get your new solar system with little to no "out-of-pocket" costs.

No subcontractors

What does this mean? Simply put, at One Power Solar, there are no subcontractors involved at any stage of your solar project. This ensures a seamless installation process and maximum system performance for your property.

Performance guaranteed

In addition to our standard 10 year system warranty, we offer a 25 year performance guarantee on all of our premium systems. If your solar system was to somehow fail to meet the expected energy output, we'll help you fix it.

Fast installations

One Power Solar's dedicated installation teams, comprised of trained solar professionals, ensure each project is completed accurately the first time, helping you enjoy savings as fast as possible.

Custom to your needs

Every solar system installed by One Power Solar is custom-designed by our in-house experts and solar electricians. Using cutting-edge software, we tailor each system to fit your home's unique energy profile and requirements.

Optional battery storage

And if you do decide to add solar batteries to your solar system, your system can use excess solar power at night or even provide emergency power to your property during storms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.

Join our team of 90+ amazing solar experts.

We're always looking for talented individuals to join our mission of helping everyday Aussies save money.

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Find out if solar may reduce your energy bills by up to 80%