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Finance for Solar Panels

Solar system financing

Whether you want to buy your solar system outright, finance the purchase, or go through one of One Power Solar's preferred finance partners, our goal is to make solar easy and affordable for homeowners and business owners everywhere.
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Why finance your solar system?

Financing is a very popular method for getting solar, however, you should know that you are always welcome to purchase your new solar system completely outright or organise financing with a third-party financier of your choice.
Please reach to an advisor at One Power Solar for more details.

Benefits of working with our finance partners

Since 2015, One Power Solar has leveraged its power in the residential and commercial solar industry to offer customers a variety of cost-effective finance options thanks to our exclusive network of top-tier lending partners.

How it works

We partner with industry leaders to offer eligible customers stress-free in solar
funding to help finance complete solar systems, solar panels, or solar batteries.

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