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Jul 11, 2022
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Discover answers to questions like, how many panels do I need to suit the positioning of my house? Are premium panels worth the extra spend or will a lower cost option work just as well?

Choosing the right solar system can be a challenging experience, especially when you are not an expert. There is so much information out there. It’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices.

This is exactly where Abikash Chandra found himself when he decided to invest in solar to help bring down his family’s power bills. A myriad of questions emerged as he began researching. Questions like, how many panels do I need to suit the positioning of my house? Are premium panels worth the extra spend or will a lower cost option work just as well? How long does the installation process take?

Abikash sought out the team from One Power to get the answers he needed. He felt he could trust the company’s feedback based on the large number of positive reviews he was seeing online from other customers. He wasn’t disappointed.

“Christian came out and talked to us. He was really good. He explained everything and was great with the depth of information and detail he provided. He helped me understand the difference between all of the choices and what would work best for us, and why” he says. “Everything about the process from start to finish was smooth and easy.”

One Power’s Solar Specialist, Christian Oey, sees the importance of helping customers like Abikash navigate the solar market. Understanding the key issues that lead to the right decisions is crucial. But that can be hard when you have little or no industry experience. “My job is to walk people through all of the details and explain the information in a way that makes it easy to understand,” he says.

One of the big insights Christian shared with Abikash was the difference between low cost and premium solar panels. It all comes down to wattage. Cheaper panels typically operate at around 350 watts per panel. One Power’s premium panels operate at 415 watts per panel. “Lower wattage means you need more panels to get the same output,” says Christian. “The cheaper ones also don’t last as long. One Powers’ panels come with a 25 years performance warranty. If any panel falls below 85% of expected performance output, we replace it.”

Another insight shared with Abikash was how to best utilise solar to get his bills down to zero. “With solar panels, you are generating solar during the day. You should be running all of your white goods and your pool pump and heater during that period. You want to maximise what your panels are producing in real time,“ says Christian.

Saving money was the main driver for Abikash to install solar. He wanted to bring down the bills in his four bedroom, two garage family home in Middleton Grange. He signed up with One Power after meeting Christian and had a JA 415w system with Sungrow SG5K-D 1PH inverter installed in May this year. “The installation was also a really good experience. The team were friendly, clean and tidy. They left everything as it was when they arrived. Working with One Power was a very good and easy experience,” he says.

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